Selected Scenes EP Cover v6 - small

Selected Scenes is an EP featuring tracks available for sync licensing from Scenes Vol. 1, the first album from New Zealand composer and pianist Jeremy Cullen. It features atmospheric, emotional and introspective piano soundtrack cues with influences from composers such as Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Nils Frahm, Yann Tiersen and Michael Nyman.

The EP can be streamed from Soundcloud here or downloaded as Metadata-tagged mp3s here (please keep these links secret).

Recorded in a single day on the Steinway piano at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios, the album is the first in a series of releases featuring music inspired by various film, photography and theatre projects. The track Waltz on a Theme by Alban Berg from the full album is featured on Nils Frahms’ Piano Day 2016 playlist.

Jeremy is a composer and sound designer based in Wellington with credits including original music and sound editing for many independent short and feature films, working as music editor for composer Howard Shore’s orchestral score for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, and music editing for Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ score for the film West of Memphis.

Scenes, Vol. 1 is drawn from a range of sources including film and documentary scores, solo piano pieces and electroacoustic soundscapes, and also features a guest appearance from Russian string players Maria Grigoryeva (viola) and Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva (cello).

“I wanted to find a way to draw together some of the various projects and genres I’ve been involved with, and to somehow unify the different voices these required. The piano seemed the perfect way to do this as it’s my first instrument and such a beautifully versatile machine.

The sound of Scenes is a blend of my influences and heroes such as contemporary composers Max Richter, Nils Frahm, Arvo Pärt, Michael Nyman and Philip Glass, Russian composers Prokofiev and Shostakovich, Erik Satie and the ambient music of Brian Eno  – at least that’s what it sounds like to me!”

All tracks are available to license immediately: I retain 100% of the master recording and publishing rights so licensing is straightforward. I am also available for custom scoring. Please email for licensing requests, or call +64 274 949 802.

The full album Scenes, Vol. 1 is also now available on iTunes here.